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The Pirate Brethren

Welcome on board me hearties…

The pirate Brethren is the place for all pirates around the world to come together and share tales with other pirates, trades your wares and let everyone know about your own pirate events… It comprises of this website and a new social media platform dedicated to all things pirate called the Pirates Parley and as anyone who has sworn an oath on the ‘Pirate Code’ knows, you cannot be attacked whilst in a parley… Anyone breaking the code will, of course, be walking the plank… Arrrgh.

Through this website and the Pirate Hub we will be keeping all pirates up to date on any pirate events that are happening, so if you know of any then send us the details to… and we will be sure to add it to our events diary. 

The main concept behind Pirate Brethren is the bring all the pirates from around the world closer together so that we are all kept well informed on what is happening, where and when and we hope it will become a great place for us all to keep in contact with each other via the Pirates Parley. It is free to join and use, though donations are always greatly appreciated to help with the running costs. 

Click the link below to find out more about the ‘Pirates Parley’ and Register.

And remember to invite your crewmates along to join in the Pirates Parley here on Pirate Brethern… Arrrgh 

We now have a Pirate Brethren Store selling various Piratey items such as T-shirts, gifts, hats and weapons. We will be adding lots more to the store as and when we source items, so do check regularly.

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