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The Pirates Code The Parley

Pirates had their own Code that they all must adhere to and swear an oath to abide by the terms of that code when first becoming a pirate. One part of the Pirate Code was the right to Parley… 

The Cambridge dictionary defines Parley as “to meet in order to discuss something, especially how to end an argument or a war” and should not be mistaken with ‘Parlay’ which is a gambling term for a cumulative series of bets in which winnings accruing from each transaction are used as a stake for a further bet (Don’t worry I didn’t know that either until I researched it and have been guilty of using Parlay for a long time).

Once a parley was agreed, no side could harm the other until the parley had been settled and we have our very own Pirates Parley here on Pirates Brethren. It is a safe haven for all pirates around the world to meet and discuss anything. However, the Pirate Code still applies and there will be no attacking of others whilst in the Parley.  

By clicking the ‘Register for Parley’ button below means you agree to abide by the Pirate Code and you simply register by adding your email address. You will then be sent an application form so that you can add your name and preferred password and this will then give you access to the Pirates Brethren Parley. It is a social media platform that is different from Twitter and Facebook and will allow you to set up your own crew spaces which can be set to private so only your crew members can access it or public so all pirates can contribute to the discussions. You are not limited to the number of spaces you can create, so you could have one public and one private if you so wish. 

Certain public spaces have bee created already such as the Pirate Market where you can trade your pirate goods and the pirate’s event calendar, so we all know what is going on where. 

To get on board simply click the button below: